About Us
Corprint cc, trading as Toshiba Business Systems, founded in 2005 is currently the largest Toshiba dealership in the Western Cape. Currently we have a staff of just under 40 dedicated employees that have been carefully chosen to join our team. Each employee brings a unique asset to our company and we value them highly. Our company is made up of three departments namely Sales, Administration and Technical. Each of these departments work interdependently to ensure that we operate efficiently and at the highest standard, always making the needs of our clients the utmost priority.

 Our Vision

To be the preferred business and document solutions provider, consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We seek to live out this vision in every aspect of our business and unite together in achieving this. We seek to set ourselves ahead of the opposition by living up to this vision and in so doing give our company a competitive edge. Through this vision we seek to ensure that we consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our existing clients and attract new clients by our commitment to this statement. This is what sets Toshiba Business Systems apart.

 Products and Services Offered

Our company offers several different products and services, each of which is tailored to the specific needs of the client. These are as follows:

1. Office MFP:This division has a team of highly skilled specialised consultants who partner with clients, ensuring that technology and business objectives are met through world class solutions.

2. Office PABX: A highly specialised telephonic system tailored to the specific requirements of our clients businesses. This is an outsourced service which is taken care of by our trusted business partners.

3. Laptops: The Toshiba brand is renowned for producing some of the best laptops available today. These are available for purchase or on for leasing a short-term, affordable rental basis.

4. After-Sales Service: Toshiba Business Systems maintains a large team of highly skilled technical personnel monitored, personally managed and mentored from the top by our Managing Director. Toshiba Business Systems understand the important and demanding needs of our clients and constantly strive to offer top quality servicing within the fastest time window possible.